nintendo-wii-u-review-14The Nintendo Wii U isn’t the most popular console at the moment and the fact that Sony and Microsoft have both launched their next-gen consoles certainly did not help the situation. However Nintendo has been steadily trucking along and according to the latest stats, it has been revealed that Wii U sales in Japan have crossed the 2.5 million mark.

In a way this is a bit slow considering that back in December 2014 the console’s sales in the country was at 2 million, so a growth of 500,000 over the period of 8 months is like we said, slow, but at least it is still growing. That being said, it is still a significant lead over Sony’s PlayStation 4 which at the moment is estimated to be around 1.67 million units sold in the country.

Of course Nintendo had the head start but considering the popularity of the PS4, it’s nice to see Nintendo holding their own. In terms of overall sales, last we checked the Wii U had sold a total of 10 million units to date, some of which is largely thanks to Nintendo’s first-party games such as Mario Kart 8 which apparently helped to boost sales of the console.

Will the PS4 eventually overtake the Wii U in Japan? There is a possibility of that happening but assuming Nintendo keeps releasing popular first-party titles, they should be able to give Sony a run for their money.

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