windows 10Now it has been several weeks since Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system has gone live. In fact a couple of days after its official release, Microsoft bragged that the operating system had seen over 14 million installs, but fast forward to today, that number has since tripled. This is according to the folks at Neowin who report that the installs are now over 53 million.

We should point out that this is not an official figure but rather numbers shared by Neowin’s sources. However Neowin has had a pretty good track record in the past when it came to leaks and insider information, so we suppose there is a good chance they are right about this too. That being said, we can’t say we’re surprised either given the fact that Windows 10 is also a free upgrade.

This means that more users are likely to adopt the update as it is free, versus previous versions of Windows where users had to pay. The report also adds that in terms of OS market share, Windows 10 now accounts for 4.95%, and last we checked Windows 10 was around 2.47% so it looks like those numbers have doubled.

We have to admit we are pretty impressed at the rate of adoption of Windows 10. So far reviews of the latest OS from Microsoft has been met with a lot of praise, namely thanks to Microsoft bringing back and improving upon some features that made Windows 7 so beloved by many, and also removed some of the features that many disliked about Windows 8/8.1.

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