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There seems to be a renewed sense of anticipation around an ultra-fast 5G wireless network ever since Verizon confirmed recently that it’s going to start testing its 5G network next year and push for some kind of commercial release by 2017. Being its closest rival AT&T has responded in a cautious manner, playing down the hype that currently surrounds 5G, saying that we should wait and see how the technology developers before making promises to consumers.

Speaking at the CTIA trade show last week AT&T Mobility chief Glenn Lurie said that it’s not really the time to be making promises or commitments about 5G to customers, adding that the wireless industry has been “really good” at overpromising and underdelivering.

AT&T appears to be playing it safe just like it did back in 2008 when Verizon started testing its 4G LTE network, at that time AT&T was also being cautious about the new technology so this isn’t really a new stance from the number two carrier in the country.

5G networks will obviously be much better than the existing 4G LTE networks, not only will they offer significantly greater speeds but the next-generation networks are also likely to have less latency.

Verizon isn’t afraid to get into a war of words with AT&T, a representative for the carrier told CNET “Innovation happens when you’re willing to look at things a little differently than others, and you’re willing to put in the hard work to make your vision a reality.”

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