The electric car market is heating up as more and more players enter the fray, during its press conference today at the Frankfurt Auto Show Volkswagen unveiled its e-tron quattro concept, it’s an all-electric SUV with an ambitious 310-mile range, Audi goes so far as to call it the “benchmark” for all of its electric vehicles going forward.

The SUV has a bold new design which goes to show that future electric vehicles from Audi are going to have their own aerodynamically optimized design that’s unique to the EV lineup, with this concept Audi shows all of the advancements that it has made in the development of lightweight construction, aerodynamics, battery technology and electric drive systems.

Ulrich Hackenberg, the head of research and development, said that the company is going to bring an electric SUV to market in early 2018. The e-tron quattro shows what we can expect from the electric SUV that will be sold to the public a couple of years from now.

E-tron quattro uses three motors, two positioned at the rear wheels and one up front to power the front wheels, nominal power output is pegged at 429bhp though it will be possible to boost the output to 496bhp.

Audi claims that on a single change the SUV will be able to provide a range of more than 311 miles, the car maker didn’t go into many details during today’s press conference, it has its own independent press conference scheduled tomorrow where it’s likely to reveal more information about this SUV. The Tesla Model X better watch out.

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