modelx-customizeAssuming you are flush with cash and would like something different in your garage as opposed to having a regular gas guzzler, you might want to settle for the Tesla Model X “Signature Series”, which would set you back by a whopping $132,000. This new crossover SUV from the electric car manufacturer has also opened up the door for owners to modify it accordingly.

Early adopters have already dived into the ordering process, where they are able to choose the kind of colors that will adorn both the interior and exterior, as well as the option to include a variety of add-ons into their respective shopping carts – where among them would also be a rather zany $1,000 subzero weather package. This unique package will comprise of washer nozzle heaters and a $750 towing package.

Of course, if you do not have that kind of crazy money lying around, that is not too much of an issue, either, since there will be far more affordable models around (relatively speaking, of course), which will see the starting price of $75,000 thereabouts. It is nice to see the Model X come to fruition after over three years of its announcement and having clues dropped along the way, and deliveries of it are set to kick off from this month onward.

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