dragon-quest-mobileJapanese love all things small and cute, as well as strange, but do remember that they also happen to be the ones who pioneer the art of portable gaming. Of course, you cannot also underestimate the wonders of Dragon Quest by which the title series has kept our Japanese friends engrossed over the years. When you merge portability and Dragon Quest together, you have a real potent combination, as Dragon Quest will appear on iOS as well as Android devices, not to mention the old standby, the Nintendo 3DS.

It does not look as though it will be a huge ask for Square Enix since they have had experience rolling out Dragon Quest titles on mobile platforms before, appearing on smartphones and tablets in the past. Dragon Quest VII would be the latest title in the series to make this particular jump.

Of course, do bear in mind that the mobile release of Dragon Quest VII will happen only in Japan at the moment, with whispers that it will be localized down the road. Nothing has been put in concrete just yet, so do take those rumors with a pinch of salt. Or you can always make an attempt to pick up Japanese, it works either way.

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