The world’s largest social network revealed today that people visit Facebook profiles over four billion times per day, Facebook has decided to make some major changes to user profiles to keep things fresh and give more reason to visit profiles. These new mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles that give users more opportunities to express who they are as well as control the content highlighted on their profile.


Forget profile photos, Facebook will let you upload profile videos. Soon you will be able to film a short looping video clip, like a GIF, which will play for anyone who visits your profile, allowing you to show a part of yourself that you couldn’t before and add a new dimension to your profile.


This doesn’t mean profile pictures have been laid to rest, instead Facebook is rolling out the ability to set a temporary profile picture which lasts for a specified time before reverting back to the previous profile picture. This allows you to change the picture for a short time if you want to support a cause, an event or a special milestone and go back to the one you’d like to keep around for a longer period of time.

Facebook is also adding a new customizable space on top of profiles, users can curate this space, and tell people what you want them to know about you. It’s easy to change the visibility of fields that will be shown in this space and users can even add up to five Featured Photos which will be showcased at the top of the profile.


Mobile users will notice design changes to mobile profiles, profile pictures will now be bigger and centered with additional tweaks to improve overall layout and better show relevant information about you. These features are currently being tested on “a small number of iPhones” in California and the UK, Facebook says they will be rolled out to more people in the near future.

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