iphone gamevicePlaying games like Fruit Ninja on a smartphone works great because it takes advantage of the device’s touchscreen display. Playing other kinds of games like racing games or arcade fighters is a different story. While entirely possible, the use of onscreen buttons and directional buttons makes it a bit finicky to play at best.

Now if you’re a huge gamer of such games, you might be interested to learn that Gamevice will be releasing models of its controllers for the iPhone and iPad Air. For those unfamiliar, Gamevice is a gaming controller that separates in two parts. One end will be connected to the Lightning port, the other end at the top of your device.

ipad_air_gameviceEssentially it turns your iPhone and iPad into a portable handheld console complete with buttons, directional pads, analog sticks, and even trigger buttons. The Gamevice for the iPhone will only support the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6s Plus. It will also support the iPad Air, so those with older hardware are out of luck.

The iPad Air model is expected to be released in October while the iPhone models should see a release by the end of the year. It will all be priced the same at $99.99 each.

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