internet-concept-map_640It looks like it is time to move to Germany, especially when we have received word that the country intends to deliver a standard 50Mbps download speed to everyone living there before 2018 is over. In other words, such a download speed would ensure that Germany’s Internet speed is 10 times faster compared to the worldwide standard, now how about that for a first world country?

In the State of the Internet connectivity report that was published not too long ago, it shows off that the average global speed of the Internet happens to be a rather meagre 5Mbps, and hence if the above target were to be met, Germany would have made it to the top spot then, knocking off even South Korea who currently holds the highest standard download speed, sporting a national average of 24Mbps. Germany, at the moment, carries the 10Mbps figure.

It should not be too difficult for Germany to achieve this “dream” since approximately 70% of Germany currently has access to Internet connectivity that is 50Mbps or faster. In order to make sure the remaining 30% or so catch up, the German government will set aside €2.7 billion to get the job done. How much would you be willing to pay to enjoy 50Mbps Internet download speeds?

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