If you’re a heavy user of Google Docs because you love being able to automatically save your work in the cloud, or maybe you love the collaborative features which is great for work and school, you might be pleased to learn that Google has recently announced that they have made some pretty big changes to the online productivity suite.

How, you ask? For starters the Research tool in Google Docs will be given an upgrade where if you were use the Docs for Android, you will be able to search on Google for topics without having to leave the app. You will be able to look for quotes or photos and add them directly into your document without having to leave the app either, thus your workflow will not be interrupted.

Google has also introduced voice typing which is actually a pretty nifty feature.All you need to do is say what you want and you’re done. In fact Google is boasting That it will support more than 40 languages so even if you speak a foreign language this tool should be good enough to get the job done.

Last but not least, Google has updated the “See new changes” section. Google has made it easier for users to see what was added or deleted, making collaborations with friends, classmates, or colleagues easier as you will be able to pick up where they left off. These changes should already be live in Google Docs so fire it up and take it for a spin if you’re curious.

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