survivor_playNot only has the new Apple TV gotten a hardware upgrade, but its remote has been entirely redesigned as well. No longer is it just a tool for pressing play, pause, forwards, backwards, and etc., but it can now double up as a trackpad and even be used to play games on the Apple TV device.

Given its new features, it means that breaking it and replacing the remote might prove more costly than ever, and if you’d like to avoid that, Griffin has you covered. The company has recently unveiled a new protective case for the remote dubbed the Survivor Play. Essentially this is a no-slip and impact-absorbent silicone case.

Like we said, this is a rather simple design but as we have seen in situations in the past where controllers like the Wii’s nunchuks have slipped out of hands due to the slippery nature of the plastic and sweaty palms, we reckon this silicone case should do a good job of protecting your Apple TV remote.

There is also extra cushioning around the edges and corners that will help protect the remote in spots where it will most likely be damaged. If this sounds like an accessory you would like to pick up for your new Apple TV, head on over to Griffin’s website for the details where the Survivor Play case is priced at $20.

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