instagram adsIf you’re not from the US and you’re wondering when Instagram’s ads are going to reach you, be careful of what you wish for. Instagram has recently announced that they will be expanding the reach of their ads to over 30 new countries, such as Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, and South Korea just to name a few.The company has also announced that ads will now be able to run as long as up to 30 seconds, although this will largely depend on the advertiser. Speaking of advertisers, Instagram will also be expanding what kind of companies are able to sign up to advertise on the platform. So if you’re not a particularly huge company, fret not as you should be able to take part in Instagram’s advertising platform.It should also be noted that due to Instagram now support photos in landscape mode, ads will also be able to use those new formats as opposed to being stuck in a square. There will also be a marquee feature that will help with advertising for short-term events, like an upcoming movie premiere, for example.Either way we can only hope that the new formats and long video times won’t result in ads that are too annoying, but then again you can always choose to scroll past them if you’re not a fan of them anyway.

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