iphone 6s batteryWhenever Apple plays the numbers game, they tend to be pretty coy about it. Instead of saying a dual-core processor clocked at a certain speed, they might say that it is X-times as fast as the competition or its predecessor. The same can be said for battery life, like in the iPhone 6s in which Apple promised the same battery life as the iPhone 6.

However according to videos, it has been suggested that the iPhone 6s comes with a smaller battery and in case that wasn’t confirmation enough, the folks at iFixit have conducted a teardown of the brand new iPhone 6s. In their teardown, they basically confirm that the iPhone 6s does indeed come with a smaller 1,715mAh battery.

Apple did promise similar battery life so we can only assume this has to do with optimization of iOS 9 and possibly the A9 chipset which could be more power-efficient. The teardown has also confirmed that unlike its predecessors that came with 1GB of RAM, Apple has indeed bumped it to 2GB, and this RAM module appears to be courtesy of Samsung.

The teardown also revealed other components, like the new 3D Touch display which adds an additional 15 grams to the phone’s overall weight, so it would seem that 3D Touch and not the new 7000 series aluminum has to do with phone being marginally heavier than before.

[Image credit – iFixit]

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