A photo taken indoors in less-than-ideal lighting conditions

A photo taken indoors in less-than-ideal lighting conditions


LG and Samsung are very similar companies in terms of products they sell to consumers. Both companies have white goods like washing machines, driers, fridges, and etc. They also deal in display technology and have supplied companies such as Apple with display panels to be used in their products.

They also both compete in the mobile market with smartphones and tablets, although based on all the numbers, Samsung is clearly in the lead. However according to a report from Business Korea, it seems that LG has a new strategy in place which is basically undercutting Samsung as much as possible.

Undercutting isn’t a particularly new strategy, but it has been reported that over in South Korea, LG has been undercutting Samsung by as much as 50%. For example a good number of LG’s phones sold on SK Telecom was found to be around $150, versus Samsung’s offerings which are priced on an average of $355.

The undercutting is not limited to South Korea. In the US, a quick search on Amazon for the LG G4 will find that it is priced about $100 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S6. Will this strategy work out for LG in the long run? What do you guys think? Are you more inclined to purchase an LG handset because it’s cheaper?

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