likes-mentions-outlookSo, you happen to be an avid user of Microsoft Outlook in order to manage all of your different email accounts as well as keep track of your digital calendar so that you do not end up missing an event down the road. Well, it seems that Outlook is about to get even more social, where the “Like” button will be making its way to the Office 365 web client, with plans in the pipeline to roll out @Mentions some time close to the end of November.


As though the Office 365 version of Outlook was not feature-packed enough, but it is a good thing that Microsoft has not stopped themselves from rolling out even more new features to this particular service. In fact, the latest additions which were announced will see a “Like” button that is not too different from that found on Facebook, where mentions are triggered whenever the @ symbol is used for starting conversations or tagging.

With the Like button, users can then endorse emails which actually matter to them, while the sender will also be on the receiving end of a notification. Pretty useful, since you no longer need to formally acknowledge emails as well as having it double up as a read receipt. The mentions feature targets those who love to keep long conversation threads, while dragging in various recipients along the way. [Press Release]

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