lg foldable tvThere are regular TVs and there are curved TVs. In fact LG recently unveiled a TV that can be watched from both sides, but as it turns out that’s not LG has up their sleeves. According to a report from the Korean media (via VentureBeat), it turns out that LG might be taking their foldable displays to the next level.

How so, you ask? Instead of displays that can be rolled or folded that are designed for smartphones, LG reportedly has a 55-inch foldable TV in the works. Yup, you read that right! If you need a TV that can be rolled up like a sleeping bag or a yoga mat, this TV could be it. We imagine it would be ideal for travel or even when moving houses.

However the report claims that the device is still a prototype, meaning that it won’t be going into commercial production anytime soon, although we suppose the possibilities for such a display could be endless. The report goes on to add that the foldable TV will make its debut at CES 2016 which kicks off in January next year.

We imagine that uses for such technology might be more commercial than consumer. For example we think companies might use it to hook up displays on surfaces that might not be flat, like a pillar for example. It could also be used for meetings and presentations where a TV might render color better than a projector. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but what say you?

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