Quiet mgs vIs Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain a hit? From what we can tell based on reviews, many seem to be pretty pleased with how the game has turned out. Granted there were some slight hiccups in its release and some bugs, for the most part the game has been found to be pretty enjoyable and as expected from a Hideo Kojima title.

However it turns out that the game needs to double its sales if Konami hopes to break even.  A report from Forbes has revealed that The Phantom Pain had cost the publisher a whopping $80 million. Apparently this would have been less, but due to Kojima’s penchant for redoing various elements of the game, the amount that was spent has been going up.

As it stands, reports have claimed that Konami has shipped as many as 3 million copies around the world, meaning that the publisher will need to sell 5-6 million more copies if they hope to just break even, let alone make a profit from the game. So far the game seems to be doing well and has charted the top position in the UK.

With Metal Gear Solid’s loyal following, and the fact that The Phantom Pain could very well be Kojima’s last Metal Gear title ever, it is very possible to hit the 5-6 million units sold figure.

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