mgs 5So far based on the reviews, Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a pretty damn good game. Then again we suppose we shouldn’t have expected anything less from Hideo Kojima. So much so that over in the UK, the game has topped the gaming charts for this week, although it did not manage to beat out the likes of Batman: Arkham Knight or The Witcher III in terms of week one sales.


However what it did beat out was one of its predecessors, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in terms of week one sales. The Phantom Pain managed to outsell its predecessor by as much as 37%. Interestingly enough there also appears to be a rather huge divide in terms of which platform the game is being played on.

According to the figures, 72% of all sales of the game was going towards the Sony PlayStation 4, while the Xbox One only managed 22%. We’re not sure if the game will be able to continue topping the charts in the coming weeks, but for now it looks like it has. It should also be noted that The Phantom Pain is Kojima’s last Metal Gear Solid game.

The famed producer released a video last week in which he pretty much bid farewell to the series after having worked on it for close to three decades. Konami is expected to continue putting out Metal Gear-related titles, but whether or not they will be able to live up to the expectations of gamers remains to be seen.

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