microsoft-logoI suppose you can say that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will have to go through some sort of revamp in order to keep up with the times, and many young people would most probably say that the Internet is now an indispensable part of their life. Well, I suppose if one thinks in such a direction, tech companies would be pleased as punch to pander to such wishes. Microsoft wants to be a partner in the ambitious Digital India programme, which is why Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has stepped forward to say his company will undertake the cause of ensuring that low-cost broadband technology will be made available to several lakh villages across the country of India.

Nadella mentioned this at a dinner hosted in honor of visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where Microsoft has the intention to make things – as well as to make things happen. Apparently, Microsoft’s plan would be to work alongside the Indian government in order to ensure that in low-cost broadband connectivity will be made available in due time to 500,000 villages in India, which is a big ask. Better to start with 5 villages or so and gauge the results from there. We do know that the likes of Google too, are working to improve the infrastructure in India, such as installing WiFi networks across train stations there.

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