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Star Trek: Picard Episodes Are Now Free To Non-Subscribers
While staying at home and watching endless movies and TV shows and playing video games sounds like an ideal “holiday”, the unfortunate reality is that for many out there who are forced to stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak, they are out of a job as companies, especially smaller ones, are forced to closed.

CBS Sports HQ Offers 24-Hour Streaming Coverage Of Sports News
CBS had promised last year that it would launch its very own sports news network and it has followed through today with the launch of the CBS Sports HQ. The new streaming service will provide viewers with streaming coverage of news, highlights, and analysis for free around the clock online and through connected devices. CBS Sports HQ is also going to be available within the company’s CBS All Access over-the-top […]

Facebook Watch Gets Clips From CBS Late-Night Shows
CBS has a great lineup of late-night talk shows and clips from these shows often get a lot of traction on YouTube. That’s why it’s not surprising to see them pop up on Facebook’s Watch platform. Facebook Watch is a new platform for videos on Facebook that the world’s largest social network launched in August last year.

Entertainment Tonight Might Become Its Own Streaming Service
CBS streaming offerings already include CBS All Access and it recently gave Star Trek fans an additional incentive to sign up for its service by putting Star Trek Discovery exclusively on All Access. It appears that CBS is considering additional standalone streaming services for some of its other properties. It might be thinking about launching one for Entertainment Tonight.


CBS Ends Channel Blackout On Dish
Dish subscribers were unable to access some CBS channels over Thanksgiving due to a blackout by the latter. The two companies had failed to find a middle ground over a carriage agreement which meant that Dish customers couldn’t watch NFL games this Thanksgiving. The blackout seems to have pushed things along as the two have now reached a multi-year deal which covers networks like CBS, CBS Sports Network, Pop, and […]

CBS TV Channels On Dish Blacked Out
CBS and Dish aren’t on the best of terms right now and that has resulted in the blacking out of dozens of CBS channels on Dish. What that means is those who were looking forward to catching NFL games this Thanksgiving might have to make alternate arrangement. CBS had said that it would black out its channels as a result of its ongoing dispute with Dish on subscription fees. The […]

DirecTV Now Gets More CBS Programming
AT&T’s standalone TV streaming service, DirecTV Now, is now going to offer subscribers more CBS programming. It has inked a new deal with CBS to bring more of the latter’s offerings to its initial streaming TV package. The new deal includes Entertainment, Sports, and CBS News programming alongside SHOWTIME, The CW, CBS Sports Network, and Pop.

Star Trek Discovery Premiere Date Confirmed
CBS announced the new Star Trek Discovery series last year. It was originally aiming to premiere the show early this year but the production was met with a couple of delays which pushed the premiere forward. Production on the series did not start until late January this year. CBS later said that it was more important to perform this task right than to do it fast. It appears to be […]

DirecTV Now Channel List May Not Include CBS At Launch
AT&T announced a few months ago that later this year it’s going to launch a standalone TV streaming service under the DirecTV brand. It later confirmed that the service is going to be called DirecTV Now. Crucial details such as the monthly subscription price and the fact that it’s going to offer more than 100 channels have already been confirmed but it appears that the company hasn’t been able to […]

YouTube's TV Streaming Service Will Offer CBS
YouTube is reportedly working on a standalone TV streaming service that’s slated to be launched next year. According to a new report, the company has been able to sign up a major content partner. CBS has reportedly signed up for YouTube’s new TV streaming service, it will provide over-the-top streaming on the new service next year.

CBS All Access Commercial-Free Streaming Costs An Extra $4 Per Month
Like many other networks, CBS also offers over-the-top streaming of its linear channel to those who are willing to pay for it. The streaming service is called CBS All Access and it provides access to live streaming of the channel as well as more than 7,500 episodes of on-demand content for $5.99 per month only because subscribers have to put up with commercials. It has now launched a commercial-free option […]

Google Giving Chromecast Users 2 Months Free CBS All Access
If you’re the proud owner of a Google Chromecast, or if you are planning on getting one, you will be pleased to learn that Google has an offer that you might want to check out. We suppose it could be seen as a Christmas present of sorts but if you’re a Chromecast user, you will be able get a free 2 months subscription to CBS All Access.This offer will kick […]

CBS: Apple’s Live TV Plans Have Been Put On Hold
Prior to the launch of the new Apple TV, there have been a lot of speculation surrounding some of the upcoming features of the device and how Apple was planning on revamping its service. One of the rumors suggested that Apple could be interested in getting into the live TV streaming business but to date, the Cupertino company has not confirmed anything.In fact the most we heard was that the […]

New Star Trek Series Airs In 2017
Reboots are all the rage these days and one iconic series that has developed a cult following over the years is headed for a reboot as well, Star Trek fans will be delighted to find out that CBS has confirmed that a new Star Trek series is going to air in 2017. The network has confirmed that the new series is being developed and that it will air in January […]