pebble time quiet timeIf you own the Pebble Time or Time Steel smartwatch, you might be interested to learn that Pebble has recently issued an update for your device. The update will introduce Spanish, French, and German localization, and will also fix a bunch of bugs and introduce various improvements throughout the device.

However there are two new features that Pebble has introduced. This comes in the form of Quiet Time and Stand-by Mode. Both these features are pretty obvious based on their names, but just in case it wasn’t clear here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect. Quiet Time basically silences the watch’s notifications.

The feature can be enabled manually, but at the same time can be adjusted based on your calendar. So if you have scheduled a meeting, it will know when to enter Quiet Time. It can also be scheduled to be enabled during weekdays, or scheduled to be enabled on weekends. There is also a mode to allow phone calls to come through.

pebble time stand by modeAs for Stand-by Mode, this will help with your watch’s battery life. This essentially deactivates the watch’s Bluetooth feature when it has been motionless for 30 minutes. Note that it says motionless not idle. This assumes that your watch has been placed on the table and you are no longer wearing it, thus no longer requiring its Bluetooth connection. The update should have already gone live so you’ll want to check it out if you haven’t already.

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