russia-evThe outlook on the world’s economy is rather bleak at the moment, but this does not mean that our responsibility towards a greener earth is diminished. In fact, it is all the more that something needs to be done before time runs out to reverse or limit the damage to our earth. Driving more eco-friendly cars would be a good start, but fully electric vehicles are out of reach for the common man. Russia‘s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has taken a small step forward, by making sure that every single gas station in the country is required to have installed an electric vehicle charger by the time November 1 rolls around next year.

Will this particular ruling be able to take off in a big way? We are not too sure, although it has the objective of boosting up Russia’s rather dismal EV segment which has approximately 500 vehicles throughout the entire country. 500! Imagine that, and compare it to the plains of Russia, and you know just how many of those electric vehicle chargers will go unused for a long, long time even when the law takes place. Perhaps it is a chicken-and-egg situation that they are trying to address here, but good luck to them!

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