tesla bioweaponTesla has recently unveiled the Model X electric car and while we suppose the car itself is a technological feat of its own, it does come with a rather unique and somewhat novel feature. This comes in the form of a button that will activate a bioweapon defense mode, and while it does seem like a gag, it really isn’t.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk pretty much confirmed that the button is real, claiming that it will come in handy “if there’s ever an apocalyptic scenario of some kind,” like when the robots start taking over the world, perhaps? However in reality, this is more like an air filter of sorts, except that it is a really strong one.

According to Tesla, activating this mode will deploy an air filter that is 10 times larger than what you would expect from a normal car filter. Tesla is also boasting that it will be 300 times better filtering out bacteria, 500 times better at filtering allergens, 700 times better at filtering smog, and 800 times better at filtering viruses.

What this means is that if you’re a germaphobe, then this is a feature that you can probably appreciate. We’re not sure if this is a one-time use feature or if it can be deployed many times, and more importantly how much will it cost if we want to get it replaced?

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