withings-aura-spotifyIf you’re looking for more connected devices to furnish your home with, you might be interested to learn that Withings has recently announced the Connected Alarm Clock. While its look might be similar to the Withings Aura Total Sleep System, it is a slightly more pared down version which will cost you $190, about $110 cheaper than the Aura Total Sleep System.

Of course based on the name and its price, the Connected Alarm Clock will not feature sleep monitoring tools. However it does maintain the light and sound-emitting design that is supposed to help soothe you to sleep and to wake you up by paying attention to your surroundings, like noise and light levels.

For music lovers, you’re in luck as Withings has also announced a partnership with Spotify. This means that if you have a Spotify Premium account, you will be able to link it with the device and it will be able to stream music to help you fall asleep or to wake you up, with the system being smart enough to determine what songs will reportedly work best.

However like we said this will require users to have a Spotify Premium account which is an additional $10 monthly subscription, but if you already have one then perhaps the Withings Connected Alarm Clock might be an interesting addition to your home.

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