wolfenstein-new-orderFor those who have been playing FPS games since they were released, chances are you are familiar with Wolfenstein, one of the first few FPS games alongside Doom that kind of made the genre popular. In recent years we have seen an attempt to revive the franchise with Wolfenstein: The New Order which was released last year.

The game has since gone on to receive very favorable reviews and has scored pretty high in its ratings. That being said based on this success, does it mean that we can look forward to a sequel? We’re pretty sure this is something that Bethesda has considered, and it turns out that a sequel could be in the works.

This was seemingly confirmed by the game’s voice actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus who voiced the character Anya Oliwa. According to an interview with TVN (via Gamepressure), the actress was quoted as saying, “Yes, I’m still working on a computer game; I already did the first part, now we’re working on the second one, and it will take roughly two years.”

Bachleda-Curus did not mention the game by name, and since her IMDb page does not list any other games that she could be working on (or any game besides Wolfenstein), it can only be assumed that she is referring to the Wolfenstein sequel, but either way we will have to wait for Bethesda to officially confirm it.

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