So what are you going to dress up as this Halloween? I am quite sure that the usual slew of ghouls and witches alongside a slew of other undead creatures will continue to be popular, but how about infusing a little bit of modern day technology with old classics – and by old classics, I mean really, really old ones? Here is one man with a rather brilliant idea of actually making sure Aladdin gets his due even in this modern day and age, Robin Williams’ genie voice notwithstanding. He has decided to go around town on a hoverboard dressed up as Aladdin, although his hoverboard has been tacked on with what looks to be a small piece of cloth big enough to cover the hoverboard, giving the illusion that he is riding on a magic carpet instead.

Needless to say, this Aladdin certainly had a field day getting around town on his magic carpet, as he made his way to the grocery story and a fast food establishment, among other places. Of course, if only he had not misplaced his lamp, then he did not have to go outside to get anything he needs or wants, since the genie in the lamp would have by then answered all of his wishes – and then some.

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