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Hoverboards Unsafe, Declares US Government
It looks like hoverboards are no longer in vogue, as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has deemed that not a single hoverboard can be deemed safe after spending months looking into the safety hazards that such devices possess. CPSC has already sent out an official notice to retailers, manufacturers and importers that cited new hoverboard safety standards. Should these new safety standards be compromised, then expect enforcement actions […]

Barbie Gets Up-To-Date With Drone Hoverboard
A photo posted by That Drone Show (@thatdroneshow) on Feb 16, 2016 at 11:41am PST Earlier this year, we brought you word on how new Barbies are set to arrive in a range of body shapes that would better represent the general populace, rather than to have those really, really skinny and nigh impossible proportions to live up to. Well, it looks like Mattel has decided to update the Barbie […]

New York Bans Hoverboards From Subways And Stations
Over in New York, “hoverboards” (or self-balancing scooters which is what they really are) are considered illegal if you ride them out in public. However it seems that if you are transporting your hoverboard, the best way to do it would be to either take a taxi, walk, or drive yourself over to your destination.

Teen Hero In Exploding Hoverboard Incident
Quick thinking of 13-year-old boy Jibril Muhammed Faris would be the main reason as to how two young lives were saved after an exploding hoverboard resulted in a house being ablaze. Faris made a call to the local emergency services before rescuing his eight-year-old sister and their nine-year-old friend from the room, where the hoverboard burst into flames during the charging process earlier on Friday evening.


State Senator Wants To Legalize Hoverboards In New York
Hoverboards appear to be one of the hottest Christmas presents around at the moment, but in case you didn’t know, over in New York City it is actually illegal to ride around in public on one. This means if you are caught, you can expect to pay a fine of up to $500 for it, a fine that could potentially cost more than the board itself.However there is some good […]

Priest Suspended For Riding A Hoverboard During Mass
While the “hoverboards” we are seeing today is definitely not the hoverboards we have expected, they are gaining a ton of popularity. However as quickly as they rose to fame, it seems that there are many places in the world where they are just as quickly banned, such as in New York City, over in Australia, and seems some colleges have started to ban it as well.As it turns out, […]

Amazon Is Telling Customers To Get Rid Of Hoverboards
Self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards as they’re commonly known, really have become the must-have accessory for all the “cool kids,” but if they’re not sure where they buy it from or which manufacturer they go with, they might be buying a device that’s a potential fire risk. Multiple fire reports have already come up sparking an investigation into the matter, for it’s part Amazon is telling customers who purchased one from it […]

Amazon Stops Selling Hoverboards
Self-balancing electric scooters, more commonly known as hoverboards, seem to be quite popular these days. All the “cool kids” have them but they are not without their problems, recently there have been multiple reports of hoverboards actually being fire hazards, so much so that Amazon has started questioning makers selling hoverboards through its marketplace about safety of those products and even banning sales of hoverboards it deems to be unsafe.

Hoverboard Explodes, Allegedly Destroys Home In The Process
Some of you guys might have heard the recent ban that places like New York and the state of New South Wales in Australia have placed on “hoverboards”, or rather self-balancing scooters. Some of you might even think that such a ban is silly, but the question is, is it really? Or are we making a bigger deal out of it than we should?Unfortunately for a family in Louisiana, the […]

“Hoverboards” Also Banned In NSW, Australia
Last week we reported that in NYC, the state had declared that “hoverboards” were considered illegal and that anyone caught riding them would be subject to a fine. It looks like it didn’t take long for that decision to catch on overseas because now according to reports, it looks like these devices are banned in NSW, Australia.This was confirmed by roads minister Duncan Gay, “Hoverboards are the hot ticket item […]

Hoverboards Are Now Considered Illegal In NYC
Hoverboards are real, like the one Lexus unveiled several months ago, but given their limitations, they’re not exactly available for commercial purchase or use yet. Instead the closest thing we’ve gotten are those self-balancing scooters that we’ve seen many people riding around the streets and in videos, which even though not technically a hoverboard has been referred to as such.That being said, it looks like over in New York City, […]

Aladdin And His Hoverboard
So what are you going to dress up as this Halloween? I am quite sure that the usual slew of ghouls and witches alongside a slew of other undead creatures will continue to be popular, but how about infusing a little bit of modern day technology with old classics – and by old classics, I mean really, really old ones? Here is one man with a rather brilliant idea of […]

Xiaomi Has Made A 'Hoverboard'
Xiaomi is best known for its smartphones which have helped propel the company to become a major player in the Chinese smartphone market, but the company also makes other products including but not limited to wearable devices and an action camera. Today the company announced a rather interesting product that’s commonly known as a hoverboard, even though it’s not technically a board and it doesn’t really hover.

Popular “Hoverboard” Makers Sued By Segway
If you’ve been paying attention to social media, you’ll realize that there are more photos and videos of people riding “hoverboards”. These aren’t technically hoverboards but yet they are called that anyway. Basically they are a set of wheels and a platform that users stand on to move forwards, backwards, or spin around.They’re also made by a company called Inventist. However it seems that Segway, one of the original personal […]