exploding-hoverboardQuick thinking of 13-year-old boy Jibril Muhammed Faris would be the main reason as to how two young lives were saved after an exploding hoverboard resulted in a house being ablaze. Faris made a call to the local emergency services before rescuing his eight-year-old sister and their nine-year-old friend from the room, where the hoverboard burst into flames during the charging process earlier on Friday evening.

Faris mentioned, “All of a sudden all of this white smoke started coming out of the segway board. Then all of a sudden it explodes and goes boom. My first instinct was to get everyone out alive. There was so much fire and smoke.”

A trio of fire engines arrived on time where the firefighters then put out the blaze, which had already damaged the living room of the house in St Mary’s drive, Wyke. Apart from that, there was no other damage done to the rest of the house other than being smoke-logged to the nines. This is yet another incident that should caution us against charging up mobile devices or other kinds of batteries while we are not around, as one can never quite tell just when one of these batteries would go rogue and reduce your home to cinder and ash.

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