Apple TV-4G_Remote-PRINTLast week there were rumors that the Apple TV would be up for ordering by the end of October, and that the device would actually go up for sale on the 5th of November. Turns out that the rumors were partially right. During the WSJDLive conference last night, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that orders for the Apple TV would begin on the 26th of October.

Orders will kick off next Monday and they are expected to begin shipping by the end of the week, so if you like what you hear/see with regards to the new Apple TV, then next Monday will be a date you will want to mark down on your calendar. For those hearing about this for the first time, the new Apple TV was announced towards the end of September.

This marks a pretty big update as far as the Apple TV is concerned, especially since in terms of hardware and software, the device has been a tad neglected. The new Apple TV will also come with a brand new remote with a touch interface, as well as sensors built into it that seems to allow Apple TV owners to play Wii-like games with it.

The Apple TV will be priced starting at $149 for the 32GB model, and $199 for the 64GB model, so if you’re looking for an upgrade over your existing device, the 26th of October is when you can start placing orders for it.

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