apple-ringApple certainly knows how to take a certain device, give it some Apple shine and polish, and when released, it will most probably end up being a real hot hit in the market, dominating at every single turn and corner. Or at least, that is the plan, and while the Apple Watch did not ignite the same kind of revolution like the original iPhone did, it still did all right. What does the future hold for Cupertino? Well, it seems that they might be looking into a possible ring-style wearable device that comes complete with voice control, haptics, and cameras, among others.

Yes, an iRing if you would like to call it as such, has popped up in the form of a new patent application. This unknown device does seem as though it will work on a finger-mounted device that is replete with microphones, motion sensors, a haptic feedback system, biometric sensors, cameras and even a tiny display, talk about being the ring that will rule them all! The patent application is known as “Devices and methods for a ring computing device”, where it carries the description of an advanced ring-style wearable that will rely on a variety of input such as voice, motion and touch input in order for the user to control and interact with larger computing devices.

We do wonder what does 16Lab has to say about this, considering how they have a pretty decent smart ring offering shown off at last year’s CEATEC.

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