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The Assassin’s Creed franchise has a great fan following and as fans gear up for the release of the next title many are also interesting in seeing how the movie will turn out, yes there’s going to be an Assassin’s Creed movie, and the latest from Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean Julien Baronnet is that the Assassin’s Creed movie will take some inspiration from Batman Begins and Blade Runner.

Baronnet was speaking with French magazine Premiere, talking about the studio’s vision for this movie he revealed that it’s going to be modelled on films such as Batman Begins and Blade Runner. That’s what Ubisoft Motion Pictures is aiming for, says Baronnet.

He also explains that the movie is much more complicated to develop as opposed to the games as it will involve two time periods, one historical and the other contemporary featuring the modern-day hero Callum and his ancestor Aguilar, both have parallel stories that meet up later on.

Most films usually have one hero and there’s not much play between past and present, the studio obviously doesn’t want one of the stories taking precedence over the other which is why the movie is structurally very complicated.

Another interesting bit of information that Baronnet revealed in this interview is that Ubisoft is going to put in a lot of money into this movie, close to $200 million, and hopes to have it ready for release at some point next year.

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