chrome canary open linksOne of the perks of using Google Chrome is that you can sign into the browser, meaning that your browsing history, bookmarks, extensions, and settings will be saved and remembered. This means that when you access Chrome from your phone or another computer, the data will be synced across the browsers.


However it seems in the latest build of Chrome Canary, which is basically the version of Chrome that Google uses for testing new features, it looks like there is a new feature in which it allows users to open a link as a different user. What this means is that the page you are browsing will not go into your history, but into the history of the person whose account you’re browsing with.

Now we’re not sure why anyone would need such a feature or open links as a separate user. Perhaps you might be at work and don’t want browsing history to appear in your work computer. Or maybe you have a separate account that you can open links to and check its history later for reading when you’re more free.

Or maybe you just have some secrets to hide that you’d rather not have people view on your computer, especially if it is shared at home. Either way it is an interesting feature and if you are using Chrome Canary, you can take it for a spin.

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