[CEATEC 2015] While Sharp’s RoboHon seem to be the darling of this year’s CEATEC where cute and tiny robots are concerned, this does not mean that there is no love for another more rotund player which so happened to be hanging out at the Sharp booth as well. Called the Comirobo, this is a pretty unique robot as it does look as though it is some sort of snowman, boasting of two black “buttons” on its bulging belly. Upon closer inspection, one of the “buttons” happen to be a cleverly hidden webcam, and we will come to that later.

The Comirobo looks set to be another player in the home robot market, where it will probably be very good friends with the Bocco if they were actual personalities. Basically, you will be able to speak to the Comirobo, and if it hears a pre-designated phrase, the place where its “ears” are supposed to be will see the volume icon flash to indicate that it is listening. Depending on what you say to it, it will respond accordingly, and that would also mean a change in the facial expression with a corresponding alternating color as well. Pretty lighthearted in nature, the Comirobo would be more of a luxury or impulse purchase than an essential item.

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