Drones – love them, hate them, or if you are simply ambivalent about them, it does not matter, as they do seem as though they are here to stay. In fact, drones can be used for war – or for healing, depending on the situation, and it does not look as though the military’s interest in drones are about to disappear anytime soon. This time around, we have received word that a bunch of activists actually flew a drone over a key National Security Agency complex in Germany last week, where said drone took the opportunity to drop leaflets that encouraged the intelligence workers within to protest invasive surveillance of ordinary folks – by quitting their jobs, of course. This is a hard ask for anyone, especially in economically challenging times like now.

The Dagger Complex which the drone flew over and dropped its “cargo” is a U.S. military installation that is located at the south of Frankfurt. It hosts the European Cryptologic Center, and has approximately 1,100 employees who monitor massive amounts of communications using tools like Xkeyscore, at least according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Intelexit is the group behind this unique drone mission, and a spokesperson shared, “We are inviting our many supporters to think of innovative ways to reach those who are in distress because of their role in supporting mass surveillance and drone warfare. Germany remains inactive and has to date taken no responsibility for the activities at the Dagger Complex. We know that there are employees of the Dagger Complex who are experiencing great moral conflict because of their tacit involvement in spying.”

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