rwanda-drone-portWhile drones have more often than not been in the spotlight because of their offensive capabilities on the battlefield such as the Taranis drone from BAE, this does not mean that such technology cannot be used for peace and humanitarian purposes. Rwanda, a country that has gone through its fair share of heartache and war in the past, has been picked to be the world’s first ‘drone-port’ in order to deliver medical supplies

British architect Norman Foster has proposed for drones to fly from three ports from 2020 onward, where these drones will do the job of delivering precious medical supplies to remote areas. Certainly sounds like a page from the Hunger Games, at least there is a semblance of it delivering goodies to people living in the interior and will take days to hike out to the nearest civilization outpost.

These cargo drone routes are supposed to be able to deliver urgent and precious supplies to remote areas on a massive scale, and if successful, it will certainly be a watershed moment in the war-torn East African nation. The drones proposed by Foster would be behemoths that have a three-meter (10-foot) wingspan and the ability to carry deliveries that tip the scales at 10kg (22lb). A six-meter wingspan drone that does payloads of 100kg are slated for a 2025 rollout.

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