fallout_4_legoThe fanbase for the Fallout franchise is strong and loyal and Bethesda knows this. So far they have managed to capitalize on this by creating t-shirts, special edition copies of Fallout 4 that comes with its own Pip-boy, and other cool ideas like a Fallout-themed limited edition Xbox One controller.

Now if you’re a huge fan of Fallout and Lego, then this Fallout Lego figurine might just get you salivating. As you can see in the image above, this is a Lego figure that has been painted and customize to look like the Sole Survivor from Fallout. It is pretty damn cool but here’s the bad news: you can’t buy it.

This figurine is a one of a kind creation by DSCustoms. It seems that he had painted the figurine from scratch by himself, meaning that it isn’t mass produced and that you probably can’t buy it. Besides we’re not sure Bethesda would be too thrilled with third-parties selling unlicensed Fallout merchandise to begin with.

If you were to head on over to his Flickr account, you will see that his account is littered with photos of him customizing and creating Lego figurines from different games/series. They are pretty intricate and we have to wonder how long it took him to put everything together.

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