Like many other companies Google is also working on delivery drones, the company’s Google X division was working on a concept called Project Wing for quite some time. It was a single-winged UAV which landed and took off vertically. It was extensively tested in Australia throughout the year but results haven’t pleased the company, so it has come up with two redesigned drones which have now been registered with the FAA for testing in the United States.

FAA documents discovered by Engadget show that Google has built two UAVs codenamed M2 and B3 which have been registered in the country this month. Given that the UAVs have two separate model numbers instead of having the same model with varying serial numbers, it can be assumed that the company is working with two separate designs.

Unfortunately the FAA filings don’t reveal much about these new drones aside from the fact that the paperwork was filed through Google’s Boulder, Colorado address and not through its Mountain View, California headquarters.

The Guardian did report back in August that Google’s new drones might weigh up to 55 pounds and that they might be able to achieve speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, though Google itself has confirmed nothing of the sort, and it remains to be seen when the company makes the formal announcement about its new drones.

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