halo-5-guardians-featuredIt looks like Microsoft’s cash cow in the gaming world, which would be none other than the Halo franchise, has run into some issues. Just what are those issues, you ask? Well, just about everyone who is looking forward to the game know that Halo 5: Guardians happen to be scheduled to roll out next week, and for folks who have already placed a pre-order for the game over on Xbox Live, would have discovered that the base game is available to download at the moment. Taking into consideration how the final game’s files would be near in touching the 60GB mark (not to mention a massive 9GB Day One patch!), it makes perfect sense to pre-download it in order to save time at launch. However, not all is as smooth sailing as originally thought.

It seems that a number of gamers are right now carrying placeholder versions of the game, no thanks to an error that lies with the Xbox Store. In other words, fans of the franchise who started to pre-load before the 21st of September would be in the rather unfortunate position of having a chance that the game download might carry a stub file, which functions as a placeholder prior to release. This particular issue has been corrected, and it should be fixed automatically for gamers who rely on the Xbox One’s ‘Instant On’ mode. If this mode is disabled, then chances are pretty high that you will need to reinstall the pre-load.

Microsoft has detailed the steps below to check whether you need to go through the reinstallation process.

– Go to My games & apps
– Sort your game collection by selecting Installed and Sort by size
– If your Halo 5: Guardians game size is greater than 40 GB, you’ve got the correct version, and you’re ready to download the necessary updates when they become available.
– If your Halo 5: Guardians game size is less than 40 GB, you’ve got an incorrect stub file, and will need to delete that version and reinstall the game.

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