honda-fcv[CEATEC 2015] I know that Honda has showed off their Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, but this does not mean that it does not deserve another shot under the limelight. This ride that clearly boasts of lines from the future, and it looks set to be the last of all the concept cars under the FCV badge until the production model hits the market. It is quite likely that the production model of the Honda FCV will arrive within a year’s time, before it is ready for prime time action in 2016.

How can you tell if the Honda FCV on show here is still a conceptual prototype? One thing stands out like a sore thumb – it feels rather plasticky, and the wing mirrors feel as though they are glued on, where you can actually rattle it a fair bit simply by applying a bit of pressure – something that you do not see on brand new, modern rides.

We do know that the new powertrain of the upcoming FCV has gone through some engineering modifications, so much so that it is small enough to fit into the front segment of the car without missing a beat. This will do its bit in freeing up some passenger and cargo space, allowing up to five adults to sit inside – although it remains to be seen whether this will end up as a comfortable arrangement or not. Such space saving efficiency would also pave the way for Honda to throw in fuel-cell components in different kinds of upcoming models and perhaps, other body styles.

Honda has blared their trumpet that the FCV will be able to hit the 300 mile range, where it will be accompanied by a fill-up time of a mere three minutes if you are to connect it to a 10,000-psi hydrogen nozzle. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that the Honda FCV will be able to be realized as is, without anything being taken away from it when the final deal arrives.

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