htc-logo-sketchA couple of months ago when the first Stagefright vulnerability was revealed, OEMs scrambled to release updates for their devices. This was later followed by OEMs promising to issue monthly updates. This included companies like Google who promised monthly updates for their Nexus lineup along with LG and Samsung.

Unfortunately if you’re a HTC device owner hoping that HTC would announce something similar as well, you might be disappointed. This is according HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie who recently tweeted the disappointing news. According to Mackenzie, while he did state that the company will aim for monthly updates, he claims that might be a bit unrealistic.

Mackenzie writes, “We will push for them, but unrealistic for anyone to say guaranteed every month.” To give him credit, we suppose we have to appreciate his honesty about the matter. After all it would be even more disappointing for him to make such a promise but fail to deliver. At least this way customers have their expectations managed, although based on some of the replies he got, many weren’t particularly appreciative.

That being said, a new Stagefright bug was revealed last week. Unlike the old one, this one has the potential to infect devices through audio files, meaning that users will need to be more careful of downloading audio files from third-party websites or from emails, at least until this particular bug has been squashed.

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