view-masterEarlier this year Google and toy manufacturer Mattel entered in a partnership which resulted in a hi-tech version of the View-Master. If you want to give your kid an edge over the other kids in terms of tech toys, you might be pleased to learn that after about 8 months, the View-Master virtual reality headset is finally available for purchase.

The device is priced at $30 by itself, and content packs which will be produced by NASA and National Geographic will be sold separately starting at $15 each. It is expected to be released over the next few days where it will arrive at retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart, although availability will only be online first before they make its way to physical retail stores.

For those of you guys who never had the pleasure of playing with the original View-Master, it was released 76 years ago. Basically it was like a goggle-like device where children could slot in different film reels, click the button and view images through the headset. In some ways we suppose this could be seen as a very low-tech version of virtual reality back in the day.

Now with many companies clearly banking on virtual reality to be the next big thing in technology, the return of the View-Master seems to herald the revival of a classic toy with a hi-tech twist on things.

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