misfit shine 2Several years ago Misfit announced the Shine fitness tracker. The device was small, about the size of a coin, and when placed into a strap, it basically turned it into a wristband that could track your fitness activities. That being said, it looks like the company is back with a successor in the form of the Shine 2.

For the most part, the Shine 2 is still pretty much your standard fitness tracker. It will keep count of your steps, calories, distance, and will also be able to track your sleep for those who are interested in monitoring their rest at night. However according to the company, the Shine 2 will be more accurate than ever thanks to its built-in 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetometer.

There will be a ring of LED lights around the tracker itself that informs users of their progress as well as to notify them when there is a new notification on their smartphone. The tracker can also vibrate gently to inform the user if they have been inactive for too long, so for those of you who tends to sit at their desk all day, this might be for you.

As expected from most trackers these days, the Shine 2 will be touch sensitive, with Misfit claiming that this model will feature better algorithms and sensors that make it more sensitive and accurate than before. The Misfit Shine 2 will also be water resistant up to 50m, made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, and will last for about 6 months.

However it will not require charging as all the user has to do is swap out the built-in battery for a new one that should be available for purchase from most hardware shops. The Shine 2 will be priced at $99.99 and will be released on the 1st of November with a bunch of bands, clasps, and clips that users can choose from.

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