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Misfit Path Hybrid Smartwatch Now Available For Purchase
Misfit, a company best known for its low-power activity trackers and hybrid smartwatches, unveiled its smallest hybrid smartwatch yet at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 earlier this year in January. The Misfit Path has a 38mm case that houses a conventional watch with smart features such as activity tracking and movement reminders. Customers who were interested in this product can now purchase it starting today.

Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatch Looks Quite Good
A new hybrid smartwatch has been launched today by Misfit and it actually looks quite good. It’s similar in function to Misfit’s previous hybrid smartwatch, the Phase. Hybrid smartwatches aim to provide customers with the best of both worlds. They get an analog wristwatch that has some smart features which can be used without a touchscreen display. This means that the product doesn’t need to be charged. You just need […]

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch Will Finally Be Released On October 31st
Misfit unveiled its new smartwatch called Vapor back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January. It was the first touchscreen smartwatch from the company. Misfit said that it would ship the Vapor this summer but that didn’t happen. We later found out in August that the release had been delayed further. The wait will soon be over for those who want to purchase this smartwatch. Misfit is finally going […]

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch Delayed To October
At CES 2017 earlier this year, the folks at Misfit took the wraps off a new wearable in the form of the Vapor smartwatch. While smartwatch launches aren’t exactly new, this marked the first touchscreen smartwatch from the company. It was expected to ship this summer, but it looks like that is no longer the case.


Misfit Flare Is A Basic Fitness Tracker For $60
If you’re looking to buy a fitness tracker that provides only the most basic features without breaking the bank then Misfit would like you to take a look at its latest product. The Misfit Flare is a barebones fitness tracker that costs $59.99. It keeps track of basic metrics and doesn’t include some of the features that are normally found on activity trackers that cost well over $100.

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch Runs Android Wear 2.0, Releasing This Summer
Misfit, best known for its fitness-focused wearable devices, unveiled its Vapor smartwatch earlier this year. The smartwatch comes with several fitness features as well so it ties in nicely with the company’s wider product lineup. Misfit has now confirmed a couple of key details about the Vapor, such as the fact that the Vapor will be running Android Wear 2.0 when it’s finally released later this year in the summer. […]

Misfit Launches Vapor, Its First Touchscreen Smartwatch
At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 today in Las Vegas, wearable device company Misfit launched its first touchscreen smartwatch called the Misfit Vapor. It combines the functionality that a smartwatch offers with all of the features that Misfit’s activity and fitness-tracking wearables do, such as heart rate, sleep, and fitness tracking as well as standalone music functionality and built-in GPS. Misfit says that the Vapor is the most advanced wearable […]

Misfit Phase Analog Smartwatch Revealed
There are a lot of smartwatches out there that rely on digital displays. This is because a digital display can be adapted and changed according to the situation, such as displaying notifications, alerts, maps, music, games, and more. However if you are more of a conventional watch person but would still like some kind of connectivity, Misfit has you covered.

Misfit Now Offers A Ton Of Customization Options For Its Wearable Devices
Misfit has announced that it now offers hundreds of new, custom options for its activity tracking devices. It says that customers can now get hundreds of style and color combinations – more than what any other wearable device manufacturer offers. It also announced an Apple exclusive today.

Swim Tracking Comes To Misfit Shine 2 And Ray
Misfit has announced today that it’s improving the capabilities of the Misfit Shine 2 and Ray fitness trackers by offering advanced swim tracking features that were first introduced with the company’s Speedo Shine last year. It has also announced the release of the Speedo Shine 2 which is the successor to last year’s wearable device that’s based on the Shine 2 fitness tracker.

Misfit Specter Smart In-Ear Headphones Announced
[CES 2016] Right now there seems to be one product that aims to do one thing, but if you’d rather not wear so many devices or carry that many items with you, Misfit might have something for you. The company recently announced the Misfit Ray activity tracker, but that’s not all because they have also announced another device, the Misfit Specter.As you can see in the photo above, the Misfit […]

Misfit Ray Activity Tracker Is One Versatile Device
[CES 2016] Misfit has decided to use CES 2016 as the platform for announcements, and they certainly are going all out with their new Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Monitor. The Misfit Ray is the latest device from their collection of design-forward wearables, where the Ray’s distinct deconstructed and modular design would also ensure that it has a place in the pantheon of most versatile activity tracker to date under […]

Fossil To Acquire Misfit For $260 Million
Fossil is a brand you guys might associate with leather goods like bags, wallets, and watches, although recently the company has expanded their offerings by getting into the smartwatch game. Misfit on the other hand is a company known for their simple but functional fitness trackers and it might seem like both companies have nothing to do with each other, at least until now.Fossil has recently announced that they will […]

Misfit Promises Two New Wearables For CES 2016
Misfit is a company that you should be familiar with if you are keep track of the wearables scene. The company’s Shine series of fitness trackers are pretty well known for their low-profile design, thus resulting a fitness tracker that isn’t overly bulky or complicated to use, providing just the right amount of information.However could Misfit be eyeing other types of wearables? The answer is yes. This is according to […]