Merely days after SolarCity gleefully announced that it had created the world’s most efficient solar panel with 22.04% efficiency Panasonic has come out with its own claim of creating the world’s most efficient solar panel, the company claims that its new panel has a recorded conversion efficiency of 22.5%. Panasonic will demonstrate the new panel at the Solar Energy UK exhibition this week.

Panasonic’s claim of a 22.5% conversion efficiency has been verified by the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

The company says that this efficiency record demonstrates its “proven leadership in photovoltaics” and reiterates its ongoing commitment to further advancement in solar technology.

Panasonic also announced the launch of its new HIT N330 module which is a 96 cell 330W panel that provides 19.7% module level efficiency and provides 27% more peak power against widely available 260W multicrystalline modules. Panasonic will demonstrate both products at the Solar Energy UK expo.

The company’s record-breaking module has been developed using a 72 cell 270W prototype and unlike SolarCity’s panel which makes use of standard solar cell, Panasonic uses thin-layer solar cells to achieve optimum efficiency.

Don’t expect to immediately get your hands on the new panels though, the company says that it doesn’t plan on releasing the commercial version of this module before 2016 at the very least.

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