We have seen YouTube used to upload full copies of movies. Usually they are taken down pretty fast, unless they’re really obscure or if they are foreign language movies in which these are generally left alone. However safe to say trying to upload a movie like the Avengers will probably get it taken down in minutes.

That being said if you’re looking to watch some classics, you will be interested to learn that Paramount has recently decided to upload a host of their movies onto YouTube where viewers can watch them in its entirety for free. These are full and complete movies, not trailers, not snippets, but the actual thing, so if you have nothing to do during the weekend, this could be one of spending it.

Dubbed the Paramount Vault, there will be tons of movies for you to choose from. Now some of these movies might be a bit old and obscure for the younger generation, but for the older generation, you might regard these as classics. Apart from classic movies, the Paramount Vault will also play home to a variety of short clips from various movies that might also be worth checking out.

So if you’d like to feel a bit nostalgic, hit up the Paramount Vault YouTube channel and check out its offerings.

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