raspberry-pi-customizeThe Raspberry Pi is no doubt a wonder when it comes to personal computing that is small enough to be brought with you just about anywhere, and it seems that if you are able to purchase at least 3,000 of these units, then you will be given the option to settle for a bespoke model. According to manufacturer element14, they will be offering the customization of these highly affordable computing boards for those who place orders of at least 3,000 units.

Casting an eye on the Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi has formed a partnership with board manufacturer element14 in order to design and of course, put on sale these customized computing boards. While these highly affordable computing boards originally targeted students, this new customization service has its place in our society as well, as more and more people are looking at various methods of incorporating Pi boards in factory automation and consumer products.

Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi’s founder, shared, “We’re expecting to sell about three million Raspberry Pis this year. Over a million will go into what we recognise as industrial or embedded applications. These are not going to end up in schools used teach kids to program. They’re going to go into factories and be used to automate factory processes; they’re going to be embedded in products.” [Press Release]

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