When it comes to music streaming, it usually comes off as more of a teen/adult feature. In fact we don’t really think too much about what kids might like if they had access to music streaming. However that’s what Rhapsody has done. They have actually created a kids corner on their music streaming service filled with content aimed specifically at children.

This section is called KIDS and users will be able to find it on their updated iOS and Android Rhapsody apps. So what can parents and kids expect in this section? Basically it will contain songs that are considered to be kid-friendly, so parents can rest assured that their kids won’t come across songs that might have any bad words in them.

For example some curated content from the Rhapsody team includes the likes of Kidz Bop and Disney, just to name a few. Parents will also be able to add songs to the KIDS section that they deem are appropriate, so maybe if you want to expose your kids to The Beatles at an early age, why not?

Songs can also be bookmarked and the good news is that bookmarked songs for kids will be automatically downloaded for offline listening. This ensures that on long trips, your kids will always be entertained.

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