Robots have already started to replace humans in various jobs, as a result of which humans are out of jobs and rightly worried about sources of employment for the future, and with the rapid advancement in robot technology it’s not like this momentum is going to slow down soon. Samsung and South Korea are now working to create robots which will be cheaper than human workers, essentially replacing them in factories where mass production of things like mobile devices takes place.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of South Korea has set aside 6.75 billion won or $14.8 million to aid Samsung in developing robots which will be able to function in such facilities.

Samsung and the Ministry aren’t keeping their aim for this a secret, they are well aware that wages are rising in China and want to bring some of that lucrative manufacturing business over to South Korea by replacing human workers with robots.

If they’re able to create robots that can replace humans on smartphone production lines then it’s quite likely that contract manufacturers like Foxconn, which assembles iPhones and other Apple devices, will seek out options that saves them the most amount of money.

It’s easier said than done though, and it might take Samsung and South Korea a considerable amount of time before they’re able to come up with robots that can fully replace humans on the production line. Though when they’re finally able to do so it might shake up things considerably in the global manufacturing industry which China has been leading for quite some time now.

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