a9 socA couple of weeks ago there was a big hoo-ha made regarding the chipset found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The issue was that they were made by different manufacturers and were of different sizes, which was later discovered by benchmarks to feature a very drastic difference in battery life.


So much so that the Taiwanese government has reportedly launched an investigation into the issue. To be more specific, the Taiwanese Department of Consumer Protection has asked the country’s communications regulator to check to see if there really is a difference in battery life in the chipsets made by TSMC and the ones made by Samsung.

According to Wu Cheng-hsueh who is the deputy director-general of of Department of Consumer Protection, if it is found that the difference in power consumption between both chipsets are big enough to affect either device, the country’s National Communications Commission might try seeking discounts or even a product recall on the handset.

That being said, Apple had previously come out and confirmed that the difference in battery life is minimal of about 2-3% in real-world usage. Subsequent benchmarks that followed more or less substantiated Apple’s claims. In any case we suppose we can’t blame the Taiwanese government from wanting to look into this and protect their people, but hopefully nothing bad will come of this.

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Diagonal (inches)4.7"5.5"
Battery Capacity (mAh)1715 mAh2915 mAh
Processor NameA9A9
RAM Options2GB2GB
Street Price$185 iPhone 6s on Amazon$725 iPhone 6s Plus on Amazon
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