Sadly people often tend to do stupid things to capture selfies that they think would get much traction with their online communities, there have been countless reports of people getting hurt while they desperately try to get that perfect selfie. A teen in Russia met a far worse fate, he reportedly fell to his death from a 9-story building as he tried to capture an extreme selfie.


Seventeen year old Andrey Retrovsky of Vologda, Russia had created a modest following online by posting selfies that most of us wouldn’t dare take, some were not technically selfies since they were pictures taken by someone else, but Retrovsky showed that he was willing to go to extreme and often unsafe lengths for that shot.

According to the report Retrovsky’s latest idea was to hang from the roof of a 9-story building by a rope, pretending he was falling and holding on to the rope for dear life. The rope reportedly broke, what happened next wasn’t great at all.

This isn’t the only selfie-related death we have heard of recently, only a few weeks back a man died at the Taj Mahal while trying to take a selfie. He fell down steps as he was backing up without seeing where he was actually going.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking selfies, but if you can avoid putting your life in danger while trying to get a selfie that makes you famous, that would be so much better.

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